Selling Your Home During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Follow The Advice

Keep monitoring official Government advice. If you are being advised to self-isolate, make sure you do exactly that. Call Unique and let us know. If anyone living at the property is self-isolating, we won’t be able to allow any viewings to take place on your property until the isolation period is complete.

Unique are limiting face to face contact. We will still conduct accompanied viewings but we are screening potential viewers to check they don’t have any symptoms?

Conducting Viewings During The Outbreak

It’s OK to allow viewings of your property if no-one who currently lives there has, or has been in recent contact with anyone who is showing some of the common symptoms of coronavirus.

That said, there are still several precautions you should consider taking to help protect both you and your potential buyers. This is particularly important as it’s thought that COVID-19 is contagious even before people have begun to show symptoms.

We advise everyone avoid shaking hands with anyone viewing your home. We will screen all viewers prior to the viewing to ask if they have been advised to self-isolate or if they have shown any of the symptoms of the virus. We will provide antibacterial hand sanitiser or nitrile gloves to everyone entering the property.

Clean Surfaces Before AND After A Viewing

COVID-19 is thought to transit mostly through touching infected surfaces. That means that a good thorough clean of common touchpoints throughout your home is one of the best ways to avoid catching it or transmitting it.

We will advise viewers not to touch anything if possible. We will wipe down with antiseptic wipes door handles, light switches, hand-rails, and anything else that people have touched during a viewing. We will do this after each viewing to help prevent transmission of the disease.

Leave Internal Doors Open & Lights On

Touching infected areas is considered high risk with this virus. But there’s an easy way to help prevent transmission. Simply reduce the number of things people viewing your home need to make contact with.

Leave internal doors open where possible and leave lights switched on. This way, it may be possible for viewers to see your entire property without even taking their hands out of their pockets!

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